About Best Life Wise

Best Life Wise was born in 2014 as a way to share my passion for nutritional cleansing, it quickly grew to share my passion for overall well-being in life and how we can achieve that in our own unique ways.  Best Life Wise embraces individuality and empowers you to take responsibility for your own well-being, however that looks and feels for you.


Best Life Wise is taking a vacation & will return in September 2017


About Cas, Founder of Best Life Wise

Cas @Best Life Wise

Hi, I’m Cas, the face behind Best Life Wise. I am a gypsy soul, a modern hippy at heart. I dream like a bohemian and work like a boss but in the end I am just girl who decided to be authentically me, to put myself first and become a positive impact on the world around me.


Believe me when I say, I lacked confidence, self worth and the courage to believe I could achieve anything (let alone everything) I wanted in life. I lacked direction and purpose. I was stressed, lost and felt that I wasn’t making the most of my life.


I decided to forgive myself, to be grateful for who I am and the life I have. I decided to pull myself out the downward spiral, attracted myself a tribe and soon realised that I wasn’t alone in my challenges, fears and struggles. I got to work on my personal growth and haven’t stopped since. (Hint: I share more of my story when you join the tribe)


I am a qualified level 3 Wellness Coach, a gut health junkie (I make my own kombucha & eat sauerkraut by the bucket), a well-being warrior and an home made ice cream enthusiast! (Life is all about balance after all). I am a Registered Nurse with postgraduate qualifications in Mental Health & soon to be Accreditated Yoga Instructor. I am excited by a new practice & am completing further studies in Myofascial release.


What excites me most about my life is the journey, I am still growing, I love trying new things, exploring new places and am open to different ways of thinking. We only know what we know today & every sunrise is a brand new day. I still lack confidence at times and I kick butt at other times, the best part is having a supportive community around me to share the journey with.


From May -September 2017 I will be venturing off on a soul searching 4 months of travel through Indonesia, Sri Lanka & India, before heading back to Indonesia to undertake my Yoga Teacher Training. This journey will be full of lessons, moments that will make us both laugh & cry, but most of all this journey will see me grow stronger, brighter & feel more alive then I have ever dreamed. The best bit is I will be sharing my journey with you every week through my newsletter so jump over & leave me your email to join the mailing list.

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Can you hear your tribe cheering? Best Life Wise is a tribe of supportive, beautiful women, so if you are a women & love to support other women be their best badass selves then we would love to meet you in the Best Life Wise Self Love Club Facebook page ‘Smart women who know #selfworthissexy’ 


Much love,


Cas x



Cas xx