How to look confident when your just not feeling it

How to look confident when you’re just not feeling it


You know those times when you know you need to pop your confidence pants on but your just not feeling it? The nerves have kicked in and slipping back under the bed sheets sounds like a perfect solution? Or your exit has been blocked and running away isn’t physically an option? These five tricks will have you looking confident even when you’re not feeling it.


Stand up tall girl

No one ever looked good slouching anyway, pull those shoulders back, lift your chin up and look straight ahead. Not only will you feel 100 times more confident, just by changing your posture you will be showing up to the world as ready and competent.


A good trick I learnt was before going into an event where you need to muster all the confidence you have got, ie. A business meeting, a job interview, social or networking event, stand up with your back towards a wall, gather your posture and then walk into the room feeling that confident energy.


This might surprise you as much as it did me, but trust me it worked. Recently I was challenged to a 22 push-ups a day for 22 days, although the cause was not about confidence I found that by physically working my chest muscles I was walking around feeling more confident (This is coming for a girl wearing a 10B).


Take a deep breathe (or three)

It is normal to feel nervous and uncomfortable particulary when your stepping outside your zone of comfort and into a situation that you haven’t been in before or don’t have control over. For me this step is my go to when my flight response kicks in and all I want to do is run as fast as I can the other way. Notice how you are feeling, take 3 deep breathes and centre yourself, you will feel better for it trust me.



Give me the biggest toothiest smile you have got, pull a face, poke out your tongue, do the opposite to what you would normally do and then return back to a beautiful genuine smile. Making this step a bit of fun will take away some of that anxious energy you are feeling, give you a giggle and make your smile feel relaxed and comfortable as you walk in the room.


Work on your self-love

What is the one thing you can you do today that you know will help boost your self-love and confidence? Is it exercise, get close to nature, do a yoga class, eat a nutritious meal, dance like crazy in your office or in the privacy of your own home, walk around naked until you feel comfortable (now we are getting there!). I will leave this one up to you, but working on loving yourself is the vital ingredient in this confidence recipe.


Just go for it

Do you seriously think you are the only one in the room feeling like you are? Everyone else is feeling insecurities too, they might not be the same things you are nervous about but trust me girl they are feeling the same way you are. Just go for it, introduce yourself, find someone you click with and make a connection. Just another little secret- Everyone is waiting for you to go first.



Fake it until you make it,


Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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