Where to start when you have no idea where to start

Where to start when you have no idea where to start

You know that wild dream of yours, that thing you have always wanted to do, that feeling that just won’t go away that you desperately want to to explore? Girl, you know what I am talking about. That thing that over the years keeps popping up as a reminder that you still want it, your mind may have pushed it to the back of your priorities but your soul is quietly nudging you saying ‘I haven’t forgotten & I’m not going to let you forget either’. You know that thing, you’ve decided to go for it, the next obstacle, where do you start?


As the queen of starting many things, going off an a whim, following my intuition is my jive. I guess you could say that queen of starting when I have no idea where to start, so I hope I can share a few things to help give you the push you need to get going on your journey.


Firstly I just want to let you in on a little secret, there will never be the perfect time to start, to take the plunge, to jump into doing or achieving that thing you want so badly. Life will always get in the way, there will always be another commitment, a distraction, a bill or something else taking up your energy, so at some point you will need to make a decision that today is the day, the perfect day to start following your dreams.


Congratulations, you now know what that thing is that you have always wanted to do, have or be & you have decided today is the perfect day to start (Good for you girl, I’m proud) you need to take a minute to breathe, to tell the Universe you are ready and ask for a little guidance on where to start, what direction to take and thank her for her devotion and patience in assisting you to be where you are today. This journey ahead may not be the smoothest of sailings but trust me when I say she has your back and your journey is going to be exactly how it is meant to be.


You will see signs start to appear all around you, whether it be through conversations with friends and family or random strangers (normally how my messages appear), ads or posts in your facebook feed, random or not so random brochures, business cards, books, travel guides ect. lying around ready for you to pick up. My point is when you are ready and open to receive the guidance you need to start you on your journey they will appear.


There is the old saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. So girl there is no need to stress, worry, write pro and con’s lists, debate in your mind the right path to take, because the right path will find you. Trust me on this one.


One more secret I feel I need to let in on no journey is ever wasted, you may start but not finish, you may start and finish with flying colours either way the only thing you need to worry about right now is starting. Every little bit of knowledge, every lesson, life skill or experience is just another notch in your belt of life, another story you can share, another person you can relate too. So don’t let not finishing stop you from starting, start 100 things if you feel the need, although I do suggest being mindful and focusing your attention and energy.


Be where you are right now, no judgement just excitement for where this journey will take you and get started,


So tell me, what is that one thing you have found the courage to start?

Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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