What does the word happiness even mean?

What does the word happiness even mean?


Well it seems the goal posts have moved and this often confusing journey of looking for happiness is proving to have been a misguided message all along. We were first led to believe that happiness is a place, that we when achieve success (society’s version that is) we will be happy, we will be living the dream. We are now living in enormous amounts of debt from our shiny new cars, oversized houses, full of material possessions we bought on credit that we don’t actually need or have time to enjoy because we are working overtime in our full time jobs (that don’t make us happy and certainly aren’t our passion) just to make ends meet. Rant over, you get the point, society’s way isn’t going to make us happy and I am excited to say the world is waking up to these marketing tricks.


So we have since embraced the notion that happiness isn’t a destination, happiness is a journey, its’ a way of life. Yes okay now we are getting somewhere, this message resonates and I am not the only one. The search for what is happiness began and the questions took many on life changing journeys, trips across the world to countries where happiness was reportedly ripe and possessions were non-existent. Curious conversations were being had, what makes you happy? What does happiness look like to you? What is happiness? Am I the only one that feels like happiness is a journey created more questions then answers?


But happiness isn’t a way of life either, when you find the right man, when you get that dream job, when you get a pay rise, when you start up that passion driven heart business or when you have that baby you have been longing for that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be happy. Are you getting my drift? No wonder we often feel lost and confused in this search for happiness we think we need to find.


Possibly it is the word happiness that we just don’t resonate with. Have you ever searched the word happiness in the dictionary? Happiness; the state of being happy #thanksdictionary (insert laughing emoji)


Okay so I need to be more specific, what is the definition of happy? Woohoo ladies we are getting somewhere now! Happy; 1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment 2. Fortunate or convenient.


It’s okay, breathe out now, let go of that in-breath you were holding in anticipation. Happy is pleasure, content, cheerful, satisfied, radiant, blessed, joyous, fortunate, lucky, ease, timely, favourable, optimistic, bright, hopeful, beneficial. Yes finally these are words I can work with. As it is fair to say the dictionaries definition of happiness is not any assistance in guiding us in the direction we are searching I have created my own definition of happiness and I strongly suggest you do the same. Happiness; the result of creating pleasure and contentment in ones life with ease and gratitude.


The more I read about happiness, talk and listen to people’s stories and live my own life I believe that happiness is a buzz word that has intentionally become our focus to trick us into thinking that we aren’t already happy, that we could be happier then we already are. Happiness isn’t a place, a destination or even a journey #sorrynotsorry. Happiness is a decision, a choice, to wake up each day and with ease gratefully bring feelings of pleasure and content into our lives and the lives of others. We are as happy as we choose to be.


What is your definition of happiness?


Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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