How to celebrate the little things

How to celebrate the little things


The little things? The little moments?- They aren’t that little.


‘It’s when the whole world is quiet that the little things make the loudest noise.’ -Unknown


So how do we celebrate the little things? It’s simple, there is no trick or step by step process. To celebrate the little things, we simply need to notice them. When we become present in our lives, when we are mindful, living in the moment and grateful we can notice and celebrate the little things. The things that really aren’t that little after all.


Some of the little things in life;


A smile from a stranger

The smell of freshly cooked breakfast being delivered to your bed

The tune of a beautiful song

The calming sensation as you take 3 deep breaths

Waking up to your little ones smile

Waking up to a cold wet dog slob nose in your face

Feeling the breeze in your hair on your bicycle

Floating on my paddle board watching the fish swim under me

Coming home from the green grocer with fresh fruit and veggies

The crunch of an apple, the juicy flesh of a peach as you bite in

An early morning kiss from your loved one

A thoughtful question from a friend

The smell of freshly picked flowers from your garden

Witnessing the exact moment the sunsets

Something so funny you laugh until your belly hurts and you cry

A new recipe that turns out perfect

The sunshine beaming down on your skin

The feeling of sand between your toes

A handmade gift you didn’t expect

The first lick of your cold ice cream on a hot day

The sound of a bottle of sparkling popping as you celebrate you success

The sounds, smells and tastes of the ocean

Arms of a loved one you haven’t seen in a while wrapping around you


What are the little things in life you celebrate?


Cas x


Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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