How to be a badass boundary setting woman

How to be a badass boundary setting woman


Hands up if this is you… You’re a people pleaser? You often find yourself trying to care for everyone else that at the end of the week you are emotionally drained? Now hands up if you are as excited as me to find out that setting soul serving boundaries is as simple as having courage, learning the skills and practicing. Hold onto your hats ladies… Your about to find out how to be a badass boundary setting woman.


When I decided to research ‘how to set better boundaries for myself’ every article I found was directed towards the negative reasons why we need to set boundaries. Yes people try to take advantage or manipulate us but what I wanted to know how was how I could set better boundaries to give myself more time and energy to love myself even harder.


I was surprised when I realised that with a little bit of practice, a dose of courage and these 5 simple focus areas I could be setting boundaries that serve me while still loving the amazing people around me. We can express ourselves as the badass women we are, be authentic, take responsibility for who we are and take control of our lives just by setting some boundaries with ourselves and the people around us #boundariesrock


Practice self awareness

Firstly, you need to know what stresses you, what makes you feel uncomfortable, where your energy is going and where you need it to go. You need to be clear on your limits. Secondly you need to know what you want, your deepest desires, how your ideal self feels and how you will spend your energy to achieve this. You need to know your worth and believe you deserve to set boundaries around your life.


Listen to your inner feelings

When our intuition is resentful or feeling uncomfortable that is a clear sign that our boundaries are being pushed beyond our limits. Identify where that feeling is coming from and where you need to set boundaries in your life.


Speak up loudly girl

You know that voice of yours? Use it. I know that might sound a little harsh but I mean it, you were given a voice to speak it, say how you are feeling, put on those assertive pants and be direct. If the person your voicing your boundaries to is an amazing human they will appreciate your words rather then argue or take offense. If they don’t, time to move on.


Give yourself permission to set boundaries

As I said before and I am going to say it again you have to believe you are worthy of having boundaries, you need to have the courage to stand up for yourself. Be kind with yourself, you deserve all the good things in life.


Look after yourself first

When you say yes to others make sure your not saying no to yourself first. Your physical, emotional and mental self-care should be your priority; only then can you truly give your energy to anyone else. This beautiful quote sums it up perfectly ‘Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves’- James M. Barrie


Start small

If setting boundaries is new for you or your setting them with someone new, start small and then work up to the boundaries that may be more difficult. Remember practice makes perfect so give yourself time and trial what works before moving onto bigger boundaries.


I am convinced that boundary setting is a personal journey and the amazing people around you need your direction, they will respect your boundaries when you respect yourself enough to speak them out loud. Setting soul serving boundaries will allow you the energy to love yourself and be loved by others more then ever before.


Where do need to set some boundaries in your life to make this happen?


Be a badass boundary setting woman,


Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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