Confidence letter to my younger self

Confidence letter to my younger self


Dear younger Cas,


If only you knew everything I know now. Trust me when I say take your time, live in the moment, enjoy the journey, everything will work out exactly how it is meant to.


Promise me you won’t waste time doubting yourself, comparing yourself to others or lacking confidence in your abilities to be anything less then the person you were born to be. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now and everything you need to be.


Talk less and listen more. Be interested, not interesting. Choose love in every moment.


You are beautiful, smart, funny & kind; please don’t forget to tell yourself this everyday. Love your quirks, your perfect imperfections, never apologise for being someone your not. Focus on how perfect you are today and only ever on being better then you were yesterday.


Travel. Make every opportunity to travel, trust me the lessons will be life changing.


Take care of your body, she is beautiful divine creation that you are blessed to embody during your time here. Love her, treat her with respect, nourish and move her like she deserves. Embrace everything about your body and don’t waste a second with feeling shame about your body.


And finally, you are stronger then you think, you are resilient, you can achieve anything you put your mind too. If you dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Live your life, every precious moment of it.


Loosen up. Laugh more. Have fun,


Cas x


P.S. Don’t pluck your eyebrows so thin…trust me it will take years for them to grow back!

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

The Best Life Wise Studio based in the Northern NSW Rivers is due to open in 2018. The studio will provide a variety of practices that will empower you to live life to your best. Yin, flow & restorative yoga, myofascial release, wellness coaching, workshops & womens circles. The studio is your space to nourish your mind, body & soul within a supportive community.