An Introverts Perspective on Confidence

An introverts perspective on confidence…

Being an introvert I always thought I would never be as confident as an extrovert must feel, they are expressive, loud, social, think as they speak. I thought to myself, they must be confident right? Being an introvert I am quiet, reflective, enjoy my solitude and think before I speak which means sometimes I miss my chance to be expressive in social situations, but does that mean I am any less confident then the extrovert?


Not a chance!


Being a confident introvert I don’t walk into a room and wonder if anyone in there would like me, I walk into a room wondering if I will like anyone. I don’t seek approval from others, I scan the room quietly until I connect with a like introvert and then we chat, deeply and focused.


Being a confident introvert I am an over sharer, I am honest, too honest for my own good sometimes. I reflect a lot. I am my own psychologist and life coach. I am confident enough not to have to put on a fake smile when I am not feeling it, I will tell you straight up that this moment isn’t going to plan. No faking it here 😉


Being a confident introvert I love silence.


Being a confident introvert I know myself well, I know who I am and what I want in life. I might not always shout it from the rooftops but you can be sure that my inner world is driven by my goals, ambitions and desires.


Being a confident introvert I love and have compassion for everyone, I don’t need to judge or compare, what has that ever got me really?


Being a confident introvert the thought of failure isn’t an option, there is only another way that hasn’t worked and a new idea that is waiting to be discovered. How confident are you that you are willing to fail?


Confidence, I am talking real deep down inner confidence doesn’t care if you are an introvert or an extrovert, it doesn’t care if your loud or softly spoken, expressive or measured, active or reflective. Real confidence is a belief and a feeling that you are worthy of it and are brave enough to generate it.


What does being a confident introvert feel like for you? Please share some comments below with your fellow introverts,


Cas x



Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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