The key to confidence in your relationship

The key to confidence in your relationship


Do you openly share your deepest feelings, greatest desires and your biggest fears with your intimate partner? Do you give yourself permission to speak up as the beautiful unique individual soul you are? Do you focus on the positives about your relationship and your partner? Or are you like me and have made a commitment to yourself and your future partner to make it the ultimate relationship, the one you have always dreamed of?


When I started researching this topic is was for you as much as it was for me and I must be honest with you right from the start, I am definitely no expert on this topic #norelationshipguru. I want to learn everything I can, to discover the how to’s and ultimately to feel confident in a relationship again. I dream of the kind of relationship where we can share our deepest desires, fears and everything in between, the one where the world stops when you are in their presence, where being vulnerable is nurtured, where being our own individuals as much as being together is celebrated and finally where in 10, 20, 50 years time we are still flirting, being spontaneous and making each other go gooey when we look into each others eyes.


Now I have some exciting news, some news that could change your relationship or create the relationship you have always dreamed of. Confidence in your relationship starts with you. I know you have probably heard it by now but before you can love anyone else you have to love yourself first, hear me out though.


“To be intimate with all that we are including our every emotion- is to fully embody & awaken to who & what we truly are”- unknown


Confidence in our relationships and ourselves has to be created and nurtured everyday, it takes work and commitment on both parts, but ultimately it begins with you. I spoke about ‘Acting as if’ back in March and the same principle applies here, if you want a confident and happy relationship you need to start by acting as if you and the relationship are already there. Believing in yourself, developing your self worth #selfworthissexy and showing up as your own beautiful individual soul with desires, fears and the confidence to communicate who you truly are is the key.



When we feel confident in our relationship we don’t feel those negative emotions like jealousy, there are no control issues or the feeling like we own the other person, we are open, vulnerable, confident to admit our mistakes and take responsibility, move on from disagreements quickly without blame or resentment, communicate our every thought and stand up proud as our own people who love each other so.


Are you showing up in your relationship as the beautiful soul you are?


More to come,


Cas x


Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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