I am not perfect, I am a limited edition

I am not perfect, I am a limited edition


I fall, I rise

I make mistakes, I learn

I upset, I apologise

I challenge myself, I live

I’m not perfect, I am human

I am a limited edition 


I mean really being perfect would be boring right? #soboring. How cool is it that we can continue to grow and transform ourselves to be who ever we want to be? That we can choose to rise after we fall, to learn from our mistakes, to apologise when we unwillingly upset, to challenge ourselves, to live. Seriously, how cool is that!


With every fall, I rise even higher and more grateful then before. I trust in each lesson as part of the journey and I know with all my heart that everything will work out just the way it’s meant to. The universe has a greater purpose for me.


I make mistakes everyday. I am a beautiful over thinker but with every mistake comes an even greater lesson. I learn more about myself and I laugh out loud every time an A-HA moment hits because I know I just grew a whole lot more.


I admit it, I at times unwillingly upset someone in my life,  I promise it is never intentional and I always feel worse then they do. I apologise with all my heart and soul. I am full of compassion for myself too.


I challenge myself every minute, I challenge my thoughts, sometimes a little too much, I challenge everything I know and everything I thought I knew. I challenge every message the universe sends my way even though I know she has my back. I live for the challenge. I thrive on life.


I am not perfect, I have imperfections, but I love them unconditionally. I am on a journey of discovery, I am forever transforming but I am not aiming for perfect. I am perfectly imperfect. I am a human, full of compassion and love.


I am a limited edition. There is only one me and I love it that way,


What does your limited edition look like?


Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

The Best Life Wise Studio based in the Northern NSW Rivers is due to open in 2018. The studio will provide a variety of practices that will empower you to live life to your best. Yin, flow & restorative yoga, myofascial release, wellness coaching, workshops & womens circles. The studio is your space to nourish your mind, body & soul within a supportive community.