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Smart women Facebook group

Smart women who know #selfworthissexy


Imagine this…your having an off day, not feeling confident, doubting yourself and you knew if only you had a tribe of badass women on tap with pom poms in hand cheering you on you would be successful. Or you are on top of the world, you have had an incredible success but you know that your family & friends won’t understand your excitement. What if you were a part of a community of amazing like minded women who always had your back?


When women support each other, incredible things happen. The trick is to surround yourself with as many amazing supportive women as you can, which is exactly why I have created a Facebook group ‘Smart women who know #selfworthisisexy’.


My vision is for the amazing women in this group to connect and share our journey’s, the authentic lives we are working towards that are fuelled by self love, confidence and courage. I am creating a space where women support women, no competition or comparisons because strong women lift each other up.


There is enough success to go around, I promise.


Can you hear your tribe calling?


To join the tribe of amazing women click here, we can’t wait to meet you,


Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

The Best Life Wise Studio based in the Northern NSW Rivers is due to open in 2018. The studio will provide a variety of practices that will empower you to live life to your best. Yin, flow & restorative yoga, myofascial release, wellness coaching, workshops & womens circles. The studio is your space to nourish your mind, body & soul within a supportive community.