Women Inspiring Confidence Presents Em @ The Gratitude Butterfly

Women Inspiring Confidence Presents Em @ The Gratitude Butterfly


I am over the moon today to introduce you to my gorgeous friend, wellness inspiration and GratiDude Em Fitts – the creator and owner of The Gratitude Butterfly. Em has stopped by today to share with you her confidence journey and I am so grateful for her honesty, wisdom, authenticity and love.

Firstly, A little about Em & The Gratitude Butterfly..

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The Gratitude Butterfly is a place of sharing how to live a positive life with a solid foundation in Love + Gratitude. Em created this special spot for sharing with her GratiDude Tribe the wisdom, tips and tricks to live a beautiful life daily, with a Grateful Heart.


She is also an Ayurvedic Health practitioner – working between Melbourne and Byron Bay. She is a Reiki Master. Ballerina, Coffee Lover, Public Speaker, Wellness Warrior and Nature Lover.


When not running her business – Em can be found curled up with good book and a cup of tea, outside playing with her Dog Timothy or painting up a storm at the beach.


Her moto for life is:

Being the Change You wish to see in the world.


Take everything with a grain of salt. Trust yourself always.



Have you always had confidence or is it something you have had to work on?

Confidence has always be something I have worked on, and even now, have days that my confidence is low. However over all it is pretty good! I am a big believer in being your own number 1 fan; and in this mindset you are your own personal cheerleader, someone who will comfort you in the lows and celebrate the highs.



What do you love most about yourself?

That I believe in myself. I love my inner strength and ability to see the good in all situations. I also love my hair and smile! J



What do you do for yourself to show you care?

Every morning I give myself a nourishing massage and then say positive loving affirmations. I eat healthy organic food, but never deprive myself from the naughty foods I love! (Chocolate and Coffee are my daily joys!)



What stops you from having 10 out 10 confidence all the time?

Old beliefs/fears and memories. Mostly from school days – those were pretty rough!



Do you have any advice to give other women on the same journey?

There may always be someone who is richer, thinner, prettier, faster, wiser etc than you, because that is life. The thing to know is that we are always at different stages on our journey. What you can choose, is to be happy now! Remember – there may be people who you see as winning, but they are not YOU, and that will always be your edge! Because as Dr Seuss says: there is no one you-er than you! So stand tall, be grateful and let your beautiful self shine!


You can follow Em @The Gratitude Butterfly on Facebook & Instagram or via her website www.thegratitudebutterfly.com


Thank you Em for sharing your confidence journey so honestly here today,


Cas x

Cas @ Best Life Wise

Cas @ Best Life Wise

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