Women Inspiring Confidence Presents Sami @ Roses Paige

Women Inspiring Confidence Presents Sami @Roses Paige

Today I would love to introduce you to one very inspiring woman Sami from Roses Paige. Our paths crossed and I was totally inspired by her story, her raw honesty and her mission to help women unmask themselves and unlock their potential. Sami writes unapologetically ‘Screw society, screw haters, screw definitions. Watch me do this glamourously’. Today Sami shares her confidence story with us.


Firstly, Let’s find out more about Sami & Roses Paige

Hi ladies! My name is Sami and I’m an aspiring author & blogger from Melbourne, Australia. I am a Qualified Early Childhood Educator and have recently left the industry to pursue my passion in writing. I hope to publish many books in the near future, and help others through my work.

I became a young mother at 18 and have 2 beautiful children of my own- who I raised as a single mum. I want to reach out to other young women and mothers to let them know that they are not alone and that they deserve the best, and can achieve anything in life.

I have just started up a brand new website, Roses Paige – Unmasked, it’s a site dedicated to empowering and inspiring women and parents around the world, to promoting self love and self worth, a leading guide to being yourself and not being ashamed of who you really are. It’s about finding your potential and doing what you love. It’s about learning to take off the mask and showing who you truly are, defining ourselves as women, not being afraid to be different or judged by others. It’s about goals, overcoming obstacles.

Roses Paige is to raise awareness and add insight and advice into mental health issues, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Parenting, Relationships and much more. It’s ultimately about YOU.



Have you always had confidence or is it something you have had to work on?

Absolutely not! I’m almost 26 and I have only recently found a confidence in myself that I never knew existed! It’s not easy at all, I certainly have to work on it hard, daily. Confidence isn’t always about what we look like on the outside, and I think that this is something very important teens and women need to understand, it is so much more than that!


What do you love most about yourself?

Honestly, I love that I’m a good mum! That’s something that was really hard to get in my head. I think as parents we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, you get so caught up in it and think you aren’t doing a good enough job- simply because we compare ourselves to others. I’ve let that go, and I truly know and love that I’m an awesome mum!


What do you do for yourself to show you care?

For me, I love to either sit on my own with headphones in, a cup of tea and read a book. That’s some genuine me time. I treat myself occasionally by getting new make up bits and bobs, little things that I think accentuate myself.


What stops you from having 10/10 confidence all the time?

I guess the little, niggly anxieties you get when you see someone who is drop dead gorgeous, whether it’s in pubic, online etc. I start thinking all these bad things again because I compare myself simply by looks. I then have to remind myself that I’m an awesome person, and I love myself inside and out. We all have our days when we don’t feel confident and I guess it just depends how we think and react in these times that matters. You also need to be strong, strong enough to not listen to negative words that come from other people, it can be so damaging to our confidence but once we know our worth, it is so much easier to ignore the haters.


Do you have any advice to give other women on the same journey?

Just believe in yourself, truly believe that you can and will be successful in whatever you chose in life. Surround yourself with positivity, don’t let anyone treat you any less than you deserve, know that you are beautiful inside and out, and that you will achieve great things. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help, and good luck to you all on your journey!


Thank you Sami for sharing yourself so honestly & beautifully. You can find Sami and her courageous story and mission at http://rosespaige.com


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