Women Inspiring Confidence Presents Sophie @ Sophie Zen

Women Inspiring Confidence Presents Sophie @ Sophie Zen


Today I am excited to introduce you to the gorgeous Sophie from Sophie Zen. I connected with Sophie through a women’s mastermind group and I was totally inspired by her courage, self-belief and determination to create a successful business focused on helping other women achieve their dreams. I am so in love with every word Sophie has shared with us here today.

Firstly, A little about Sophie & her beautiful creation Sophie Zen


Sophie Wood, from Sophie Zen, is a cheerleader and side kick for change-making women in business. She works with clients to help unleash their creative energy and find more direction and purpose in their online communications. Offering social media strategy and management, Sophie also has a degree in marketing and journalism with experience working in the magazine industry. This allows her to offer clients a range of services including writing, editing and public relations. Specialising in feminine and change-making brands whose social media platforms make you feel something, Sophie has a range of experience in the health and wellness, online and creative spaces.

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Have you always had confidence or is it something you have had to work on?

I feel like confidence is something that I work on everyday and I don’t believe I’m ever going to reach the point where I’m like “Okay, I’m super confident now.” I’ve definitely come a long way from being a shy and insecure teenager but with new journeys come new obstacles and fear always pops up in unlikely situations. It isn’t that I don’t feel unconfident anymore (I definitely still feel like that sometimes) – I just make sure that it doesn’t hold me back in my life.


What do you love most about yourself?

Oh – such a good question and it isn’t something that I think about enough. I love my ambition! I’m definitely not the kind of person who ‘settles’ and I love my ability to recognise that if something isn’t serving me then there is always a way to change it and make it better. This is excellent in life and in my business where I’m constantly making pivots to make sure that I’m heading in the right direction. It’s a blessing to be able to recognise that my life is made up of choices and I have control of the steering wheel.


What do you do for yourself to show you care?

I do lots of different things to show myself self-love but all of those things come back to one common thread: the importance of ritual! I’ve realised that there isn’t always going to be just one thing that will bring me self-love and confidence so instead I have a number of self-care rituals that I turn to depending on my mood and situation. Some of these rituals include journaling, listening to a podcast, taking a bath or sometimes just making myself a cup of tea and taking a few deep breaths. It isn’t so much about the action but the intention behind it.


What stops you from having 10 out 10 confidence all the time?

Honestly, I think it’s all about ego. And also: fear! I think that’s natural and I don’t know if I’d trust someone who was 10 out of 10 confident all of the time. I might not always feel confident but I am very resilient and I’ll always give it a shot (even when the fear is rampant).


Do you have any advise to give other women on the same journey?

Go deep, get to know yourself and do the things that excite you (because that is when the good stuff happens). Don’t be afraid of change and know that it’s leading you to a better way of being. And also: lightly, child, lightly. Don’t take it all so seriously and remember to have some fun!


I am sure you will be joining me in thanking Sophie and congratulating her for being  authentic, self loving, a change cheerleader & successful girl boss,


You can follow Sophie from Sophie Zen on Facebook & Instagram @sophiezenblog.


Cas x

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Cas @ Best Life Wise

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